Weight Management Clinic Patient Story - Cindy Davis

Cindy Davis joined Dr. Niraj Shah's Weight Management Clinic after trying countless other diets with no results.

Talk about your first visit with Dr. Shah.

I went in, and it was the most relaxing visit ever. He was so genuine, didn't rush me, asked me all about my medical history, and asked about my likes and dislikes. He was very thorough and very easy to talk to. I just was very comfortable.

How did Dr. Shah come up with a game plan for you?

Before I left the office, he had printed off different diets and things for me to read. He has books in his office that you can take and read and bring back. He went over everything possible with me regarding diets, what foods I liked and disliked, and what my hang-ups were.

One of the first steps was to put Cindy on a prescription medication.

He wanted to see how I reacted to medication. I liked it. I went off my other medicines actually and just started taking this and everything changed. He called to verify how I was doing, to see what I was doing, how it was affecting me, and see if I had any side effects. I did not. It definitely curbed my appetite, but I still ate my three meals like you're supposed to on a diet. My whole attitude changed because I wasn't hungry all the time. But I knew I had to eat, and so I did. 

How have your habits changed since starting the Clinic?

I used to just come home, fix dinner for my kids, and sit on the couch. I didn't do anything. Now I go out. I go biking. I go kayaking. I get up and walk. I don't mind fixing dinner. Before I was always crabby. It just gave me a whole new outlook.

What happens during your follow-up visits with Dr. Shah?

He asks me a lot of questions like what I'm doing, what I'm eating, and how my energy level is. He weighs me, measures me, and talks to me if I have a slower week. It's not a big deal. He's just very precise on all of it. It's like talking to your mom or your dad. He's just so laid back, but he's so thorough. The questions he asks are awesome. He tells me about things I have never even heard of like the rainbow diet. I never even thought to go to a family practice doctor regarding weight until I heard that he specializes in that. That's why I went to him. 

What do you tell your friends about Dr. Shah?

I think he's wonderful. I mean he's one of the nicest doctors I've ever been to, and I just, I can't encourage enough people. I have been all over Facebook telling people. I even tell people from St. Louis to come because it's worth the drive. Some of my friends have actually called, and they're going to drive up. Some 45 minutes to an hour away. I said it's worth it. It's a life-changing experience with him.

What do you feel is the biggest change you've made?

Just my whole attitude. My whole attitude on life. I just, I like to go kayaking and boating. I was always like, "No, I don't want to go. No, I don't want to do that. Put a swimming suit on? No." Now I don't care. My whole attitude changed. I think whenever you lose weight or fix something that's broken and you get that fixed, you feel better about your life. It's all life changing no matter what it is.

Has following Dr. Shah's plan been easy?

Yeah, it's unbelievable. You go through so many changes in life, and you just roll with the time. You don't think about it, and all of a sudden you get older and your metabolism goes out the window. You can't do what you used to do. You can't get the weight off, and Dr. Shah enlightened me on what to do and how to get my metabolism boosted and moving again.