Memorial Medical Group Patient Stories

Memorial Medical Group Patient Stories

Hear about the outstanding care these Memorial Medical Group patients received!

Joyce Herman - Internal Medicine

Joyce Herman loves her internal medicine provider, Dr. Jennifer Neville. Find out why she thinks Dr. Neville is the perfect fit for her.

Kimberly Mourey-O'Neill - OB/GYN

Kimberly Mourey-O'Neill had Dr. Sekou Kelsey deliver both of her babies. Learn why Kimberly enjoyed her experience with Dr. Kelsey and Memorial Medical Group.

Todd Blomberg, Parent - Sports Medicine

Todd Blomberg's daughter needed ACL surgery after a sports injury. Find out how Dr. Hughes helped get her back in the game.

Cindy Davis - Weight Management

Cindy Davis joined Memorial's Weight Management Clinic after trying countless other diets with no results. See how Dr. Shah gave her a new outlook on life.